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Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity to develop your own leadership and management qualities, whilst gaining recognition for your industry knowledge, skills and experience. You'd be surprised at how what you know can have a positive impact on someones life.
You also benefit from personal growth and a sense of fulfilment in giving back, which in turn makes you more valuable to employers and can increase your overall confidence and motivation.​
We welcome mentors who are able to help empower people by providing guidance, motivation and inspiration. If you're someone who can encourage people to explore their career paths, set goals and identify resources to help them develop both professional and personally - we'd love to hear from you!
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“Steer up is great at working together for the common cause of the client with an open-minded approach.”

“I am committed to working for and representing Steer Up because I believe in the services which they offer.  My journey so far has been really incredible as Melisha is very warm and friendly, yet knowledgeable on the provision of service. The professionalism and support is excellent and I’m really looking forward to working more with the team!!”

“The process of working with Steer up has been efficient and professional, Communication is particularly effective and I am really enjoying working with them as a mentor . Highly recommended.”