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Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity to develop your own leadership and management qualities, whilst gaining recognition for your industry knowledge, skills and experience. You'd be surprised at how what you know can have a positive impact on someones life.
You also benefit from personal growth and a sense of fulfilment in giving back, which in turn makes you more valuable to employers and can increase your overall confidence and motivation.​

We welcome mentors who are able to help empower people by providing guidance, motivation and inspiration. If you're someone who can encourage people to explore their career paths, set goals and identify resources to help them develop both professional and personally - we'd love to hear from you!

Interested in learning more about what it takes to be a great mentor?
Check out our Coaching and Mentoring CPD course.

Ready to sign up? Register your interest below.

Register your interest and schedule a call with us to discuss your membership type and what you're eligible for




We'll review your application and if approved, we'll send you a form to complete your mentor profile

Once your profile is up on the site you'll receive your Mentor Guidebook with everything you'll need to know to get started

You'll receive a notification anytime a Mentee requests to book a session with you

We'll support you along the way to ensure you're able to deliver the best quality mentoring session to your mentee

Frequently asked questions..

Why become a mentor?  Becoming a mentor is great for developing your own leadership and management qualities whilst gaining recognition for your skills and experience. You also benefit from personal growth and a sense of fulfilment in giving back, which makes you more valuable to employers and increases overall confidence and motivation. How do I become a mentor? It’s completely free to sign up as a mentor. Scroll over to our How it Works section for further information. What qualifications do I need to become a mentor? There are no requirements for you to become a mentor (and we welcome skilled volunteers) however, if you do have mentor, coaching or professional development qualifications, we encourage you to outline them on your profile. If you have no experience, we'd suggest for you to take part in our CPD Coaching and Mentoring course. Contact us to find out more. ​ What is Mentor Membership? There are three types of mentor membership - Volunteer, Basic and Elite. The bands are based on your experience and determine how much you can charge for your services. We'll discuss this with you in your sign-up call. Do I need a DBS check? You aren’t required to have a DBS check however, it would make your profile more appealing to young people if you did have one. If you do, please send us a copy via email so that we can verify it on your profile. ​ How does Steer Up connect me with a mentee? Scroll over to our How it Works section for further details on this process. ​ How much does it cost? It's completely free to become a mentor with Steer Up and have your profile listed on our website. Instead, we charge a service fee when processing any transactions, which will include your payout where applicable. ​ How do I receive a payout? Once you've completed your session, we'll send you a form to request details to process your payment - which you can expect to receive in 1-2 working days. ​ How does the service fee work? Steer Up includes a 12.5% service fee for both mentor and mentee on any payments processed. This fee goes towards running our platform and ensuring we're able to provide the best quality customer service. ​ How are the sessions conducted? By default, sessions are conducted via online video call. A meeting link will automatically be generated unless you've specified otherwise on  your bookings account. What if I cannot commit to my mentee? A mentor will always have a final say on whether they can commit to any required session/s. If you're unable to proceed, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can provide them with alternative options. ​ How do I leave feedback? After you've completed your session/s, you’ll be requested to leave a review. This helps to provide us with a true reflection of how your session was and helps us to continue developing our services.

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“Steer up is great at working together for the common cause of the client with an open-minded approach.”

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“My journey so far has been really incredible as Melisha is very warm and friendly, yet knowledgeable on the provision of service. The professionalism and support is excellent and I’m really looking forward to working more with the team!!”

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“The process of working with Steer up has been efficient and professional, Communication is particularly effective and I am really enjoying working with them as a mentor . Highly recommended.”

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