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Having a mentor helps to build employability skills, encourages positive change and provides council along your journey.
As your mentor will be someone who has more experience, they’ll be able to provide guidance and share the lessons they learned along their way. Which means that you’ll be able to use their experience as a stepping stone, giving you a great head start.
Your mentor will provide you with support, guidance, motivation and inspiration. They will empower you to explore your career path, set goals and identify resources to help you progress. They’ll be on hand to help you to overcome any obstacles that may arise.
You'll receive:
  • A dedicated Mentor
  • Session preparation material
  • Personal and professional development tools
  • Check-ins and reminders so you’re always on track
  • Support from the Steer Up team
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“Passionate! My mentor’s energy never faded throughout the whole time (we spoke 20mins longer than expected). Great listener, he always had a question to help build my understanding or thinking after every small convo. He was in depth, he did not skip over any point, I didn’t feel rushed for time or like we were on the clock. Came across very experienced!”

“Loved her energy and style. Great listener and was very open to advance in the way I'm looking for. Very kind and approachable!”

“My mentor was so lovely to me. I like her style of mentoring! Prior to my meeting I wanted to cancel because I was afraid to be vulnerable and share myself and my experiences with an absolute stranger. She was very attentive and I was comfortable to share things with her, that could help her to help me. I’m inspired and I believe that I can change my life and grow into myself and I would love to communicate more with her on my journey.”