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About us

Steer Up is an online platform connecting mentors with mentees. We make it simple for mentees to seek advice and expertise from mentors who have a great deal of experience in their field.

Although mentoring has become extremely popular, there’s no simple way for mentees to find a mentor - or for mentors to let mentees know that they're available to support them. Knowing how much to spend, what a mentoring session should look like or finding reviews on a mentor takes a great deal of research and for many can be a tricky process. That's where we come in. Steer Up makes it simple to connect with a mentor to suit your needs. We take care of the searching, organising and confirming so that all you need to do, is prepare to be empowered. 

As well as the support you receive from your mentor, Steer Up are on hand to ensure your sessions are as effective as possible. We organise your sessions, payments and logistics to make sure that you can really focus on your personal and professional goals with your mentor. We provide preparation material and tools to help you develop so that you can steer your career in the right direction.

Whilst the main focus is and has always been professional experience when looking for a mentor, we believe that representation and personal experience is equally as important, as there are a lot of lessons we can learn from a mentor who may have experienced similar challenges whilst climbing their career ladder.

We have a diverse group of mentors from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds who focus on different transition points in a person’s life and career, such as school leavers, recent graduates, career changes, new entrepreneurs and people going back into work. So regardless of your circumstance, preference or budget - we have the perfect mentor for you.

About our Founder

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Melisha left school at the age of 16 and started working to give her time to figure out what she wanted to study. It didn’t take her long to realise that she loves learning through practical work, learning and developing skills on the job. It was then that she decided university may not be the path for her.

She started out in the work-based learning industry, delivering educational programmes to young people of London. Being a young person herself, she enjoyed helping other young people overcome their fears of the working world. She then moved on to work with various international educational organisations, delivering cultural exchange programs to international students from over 100 countries.

It was 7 years into her career when she learned about the art of mentoring. Growing up on a council estate and coming from a community where only a select few were expected to "make it" in life, support was limited following cuts to government funding. The progress she made as an employee through her year-long work-based mentoring program was extraordinary. She'd achieved all of her yearly goals well before the year was up and felt a drastic decline in her overall stress levels. 


Having a mentor gave her the confidence, encouragement and support that she didn't know she was missing out on. Melisha believes that mentoring is an amazing aspect of life's journey that everyone should have the opportunity to experience regardless of their situation or circumstance, so she's made it her mission to spread the word and make mentoring more accessible for everyone.

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“All around great! I appreciate the reminders and check ins and the mentee guide was great in helping to prepare.”

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“Steer up has been a pleasure to deal with. They presented an option and allowed time for me to make my own decision. The communication has been on time and professional and the organisation has been on point. 5 stars!”

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“Steering up is what we all need to do. I love what they are able to provide for people like me. Communication is excellent and I was made to feel comfortable at each point so far!

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